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The Schema object wraps the user's GraphQL Schema, which is stored as an inline string. The Schema Object contains a Status field which is used by Sqoop to validate the user's input schema.

name: string
resolver_map: string
inline_schema: string
status: {gloo.api.v1.Status}
metadata: {gloo.api.v1.Metadata}

Field Type Label Description
name string Schema Names must be unique and follow the following syntax rules: One or more lowercase rfc1035/rfc1123 labels separated by '.' with a maximum length of 253 characters.
resolver_map string name of the resolver map to use to resolve this schema. if the user leaves this empty, Sqoop will generate the skeleton of a resolver map for the user
inline_schema string inline the entire graphql schema as a string here
status gloo.api.v1.Status Status indicates the validation status of the role resource. Status is read-only by clients, and set by gloo during validation
metadata gloo.api.v1.Metadata Metadata contains the resource metadata for the role